About Engle

For the past 50 years, Engle has built its reputation on quality, ingenuity, and integrity. With industry-leading engineering and customer service that dentists rely on, Engle products are American-made, designed and manufactured in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Engle Dental is the only company that makes the fully programmable, 10″ forward/backward hydraulic Traverse Chair™. The traverse feature allows dentists to position themselves behind the patient comfortably without sacrificing space. Since the seat moves forward as the back of the chair reclines, dentists can stay put and let the patient come to them. The Traverse Chair keeps the patient’s head/oral cavity in the same vertical plane in the operatory (front to back) regardless of the chair position.

Engineered for ergonomic efficiency, the Engle Traverse Chair™ allows for unparalleled dental team access and comfort. With an anatomically correct back pivot point and synchronized back & toe board recline, the Traverse Chair has undergone extensive comfort testing to provide maximum comfort in procedures lasting 45 minutes or more.

With options like heat and massage, lumbar support, a double articulating headrest, and Ultraleather® upholstery, dentists can focus on patient care knowing that Engle has created a level of comfort that helps patients relax.