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The Best Kept Secret
in Dental Chairs is no Longer a Secret:
Meet the Traverse Chair™

What is Traverse™?

Engle is the only company that makes the fully programmable, 10.25” forward/backward hydraulic Traverse Chair™.

The Traverse Chair™ fits in even the smallest areas, including tight operatories where space is at a premium, while still maintaining full ergonomic integrity.
The Traverse™ feature allows dentists to position themselves behind the patient comfortably without sacrificing space.
Engle chairs employ advanced hydraulic controls for smooth motion and optimized patient comfort.
Since the seat moves forward as the back of the chair reclines, the dentist can stay put and let the chair position itself seamlessly.
Reclaim 10” of operatory space with zero clearance design and more room for rear delivery.

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American made, designed, engineered and manufactured under our own roof in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Traverse™ Models

Engle offers a variety of Traverse Chair™ models, such as wide back and narrow back, and customizable options to fit your every need.

Over 30 Ultraleather Colors

With over 30 standard colors and a full line of custom colors to choose from, Traverse™ is made with high-quality Ultraleather fabric for the ultimate in softness, comfort, and durability.

Upholstery Finishes

Performance fabric redefined, Traverse™ features upholstery that perfectly complements the chair’s functionality and protects against microbial and bacterial contamination.

Heat and Massage

Available with Ultraleather upholstery, take comfort to the next level with an upgrade to the Heat and Massage feature.

Double Articulating Headrest

The dynamic double articulating headrest supports the user’s head and neck, keeping them comfortable and protected during every stage of recline.

Lumbar Support

Designed for comfort and ergonomic integrity, Traverse™ provides an anatomically correct back pivot point and lumbar support to protect the natural curve of the patient’s back when seated.

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